The Product

HEMLOCK TRADING COMPANY is carefully curating the gap between urban streetwear and active sportswear with modern, effortless comfort while enabling wearers to encounter the unpredictable natures in flawless design and style. All coats offer DWR coated shells with lightweight garments to help provoke optimal performance. Examine how HEMLOCK TRADING COMPANY is generating a new staple in outerwear with simple yet function characteristics.
Underarm Gussets - Providing extra ventilation while giving wearer additional flexibility and momentum to perform freely.
Hidden Cuffs - With Hemlock Trading Company's signature palm-side quarter cuff design, all coats appear wrinkled free from a bystanders point-of-view. This feature plays a key roll in Hemlock Trading Company's minimalistic outerwear design.
Tail Drop - Subtle tail drop providing clean aesthetics for functional outerwear.
Media Pockets - Hemlock Trading Company has integrated phone pouches into every coat followed by an inside headphone cord eyelet - designed for simple functionality and versatility.
Poly-Coated Zippers - All of Hemlock Trading Company's outerwear comes with water repellent poly-coated zippers, allowing optimal performance for the not so sunny days. 
Browse Hemlock Trading Company's latest collections to discover more meticulous details delivering modern functionality to versatile outerwear.